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Friends Taking Care of Friends

Enjoy the activities you love with friends while maintaining physical & mental health, all in Spanish!

How we Support YOU

Help Socialize

We surround you with supportive and caring friends, helping you get out of the house and back into the community.

Balance Your Time

We help balance the center’s attendance with home care – and if home care is not sufficient, we help get more hours of care

Improve Health

Aside from fun with friends, the center has everything you need to take better care of yourself. Mental & emotional health are just as important as physical health. YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

Alleviate Isolation

Spending time in a latino environment that you recognize with people you care about, alleviates the sense of isolation and depression.

Next Steps & How To Get Started

  • 1
    Call and Come to the center for 1 Day
    Visit us and see for yourself what a day at Centro De Amigos is like. If it’s a right fit, continue to step 2 or ask us how to join.
  • 2
    Contact your Insurance
    Call your insurance company and get authorization to start attending the center.
  • 3
    Complete a Physical and talk to Doctor
    Complete a physical exam and talk to your doctor about coming to the center.
  • 4
    You're Ready! Call for a pickup
    You are ready to start attending Centro De Amigos! Simply call us for a pickup and our white bus will be at your house. We’ll call 5 minutes before to make sure you are all set. 😊

What To Expect

We Will Follow-Up

You’ll get a call from one of our team members to schedule a visit.

Visit Us at 91 Broadway, Haverstraw NY