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About Centro De Amigos

A minority, woman-owned Adult Social Day Center focusing on the needs of the Hispanic and Latino population of Haverstraw, NY and Rockland County.

Our Supporters

How It All Started...

Facing Our Own Challenges

When we were going through the struggle of caring for aging parents, we were not searching for help from formal health services but, rather, help from an informal, more familiar support system.

Our parents needed a deeper kind of attention, someone that could relate to their culture and language. We needed a way to keep a home and work life.

That’s were Centro De Amigos comes in.

Our Community

Serving the large concentrated population of Latinos in Rockland

We found our calling serving the Village of Haverstraw’s latino community.

Communities that are usually left behind should have the healthcare resources they need to thrive locally, enabling seniors to age in the place they know and love. Centro De Amigos is the only adult care center in Rockland County that offers care to latino community.

We collaborate with local leaders, healthcare organizations, providers, caregivers, and universities to ensure that happens. 

Our Program

Why “Centro” vs. “Center”

Our members find comfort in a traditional program that is familiar and always involves swaying to that Salsa beat!

Everything is designed to be engaging and entertaining, with our local and remarkable staff making that a reality.

Our programming:

  • Varies for our members
  • Covers basic health screening
  • Works to help maintain motor skills
  • Elicits curiosity
  • Prioritizes physical exercise and mental stimulation

Moving quicker towards Local Resilience

Covid Has Pushed us to adapt

The pandemic has changed our business, so we’ve learned, and teach, resiliency and strength. Where our services were previously high-touch & deep rooted in culturally relevant ways, we now expanded our digital footprint and how we engage with out members remotely. 

Before Covid

  • High-touch services, deep rooted in culturally relevant ways
  • Socially-based activities and services
  • Culturally-significant celebrations
  • Field trips with Centro minivans
  • On-site: Two daily shifts for different groups (full capacity)
  • On-site: Education support for professional caregivers

After Covid

  • New services for members who may need to remain at home, shifting physical support to their caregivers
  • Personal-prepared training for our member’s family members to continue the support we offer, but at home
  • Advocacy and support when needed
  • On-site: A more-flexible shift with very limited seating.
  • On-site: Our continuing education support for professional caregivers + COVID training + partnerships for caregiver certification

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Before joining, see for yourself if we are a good fit for you!

Our Members

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Our Partnerships

Services are funded in part by the Administration on Aging, New York State Office for the Aging and the Rockland County Office for the Aging. Contributions are voluntary and confidential and are used to expand the services for which they are received.  No one will be denied services because of an inability or unwillingness to contribute.  Suggested contributions level should equal the cost of the service for participants who self-disclose income at or above 185% of Federal Poverty Level.