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Our Amazing Staff

Most of our team members are local caregivers. They understand what the community and its seniors truly need.

True Gems of our Community

Local Staff + Local Caregivers

To enable aging-in-place, we set out to strengthen the local support around our seniors. Our staff and caregivers are the main point of contact, they are key.

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A Resource for Education, Guidance, & Jobs

Community “Promotoras” are trusted individuals who empower their peers through education and connections to health and social resources in latino communities.

Our staff and caregivers have already become trusted members of the community. We are now expanding on their education, training, opportunities, network, and the tools they need to succeed. MijaNY is the online resource to achieve just that.

  • Home Health Aide training, on-site, in Spanish
  • In-person & Online educational screenings
  • One-on-one remote guidance for caregivers
  • Jobs & Hours Notification
  • Covid-19 Education

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