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Every Thursday, 1-3PM: Classes, insurance advice, and voter registration, all in Spanish!



Learn what you’ll do at the center & how to become a member.



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...or check out a typical day at the social club


1. Good morning

Phone Call & Pickup

Just a small check-in to make sure you are ready when the bus arrives.

An amigo meets you at your door and walks you to the bus where they sit behind you after buckling you safely in. 

Of course, you’ll see some familiar faces! 😊


2. Welcome

Arrive at the Center

Soon, you arrive at the center and are greeted by another smiling staff member who walks you to your table where a cup of coffee with hot, fresh bread (from Vilma’s Bakery) is waiting for you.


3. A Good Start

Conversations & Daily Exercises

The staff read the daily news and chat about current events.

In little while, exercise class begins and everyone participates in morning stretches.  


4.Fun Times

A day full of fun + Lunch

The whole day is filled with games as a group and sometimes just two people playing dominoes. A full lunch is served, just the way you order it.


5. See You Soon!

Return Home

When you are done, you are taken home with the same smile and love that you were picked up with.

But no worries, we see you again very soon! Your friends are here for you. 

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