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Here, our members interact with friends and trained staff for a few hours a day. The day is filled with activities that encourage mental and physical growth in a familiar, safe environment. We prioritize their wellness, share in the rich culture, & ALWAYS have fun.


Physical health can be maintained through nutrition and exercise, but our emotional & mental health is just as important. The golden years should be full of love, peace, joy & friendship.


Activities, events, conversation, everything entirely in our native tongue – SPANISH. Enjoy the  music, food, and people you are familiar with, all in the community you have come to love.


Experience new activities every day. Start the day off right with a hearty meal & exercise, then explore our many activities including dancing, dominoes, celebrations, and field trips.


Doing it alone is difficult. We are here to support families and caregivers caring for a dependent parent or senior. Give us a call for guidance, resources, and referrals.

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It's been 2 years since I've been coming to the center. I've made many friends! Everyone at the center treats you like family & give us much love. I'd love for everyone to be here to come and make friends.

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Aging in Place Is Our Mission

Communities that are usually left behind should have the healthcare resources it needs to thrive locally, enabling seniors to age in the place they know and love. Centro De Amigos is the only adult care center in Rockland that offers care to latino community.

We collaborate with local leaders, healthcare organizations, providers, caregivers, and universities to ensure that happens.


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We are ready to help! Call, visit, or use one of our support resources.

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